September 19, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today the 2nd league match was scheduled for PSV U13. Fortuna Sittard was the host today. The sun was shining in Limburg, the temperature was good, so everything was there for a nice game of football. The field of the amateur club was not equal to the fields we are used to at "de herdgang", but everyone plays on the same field so that should not be used as an excuse. Although it is of course a disadvantage for the technically gifted players of PSV. But training also involves playing on worse pitches.
    PSV started the game well, trying to put quick pressure and capture the ball quickly, and then finding the forward through quick and good positional play. There was plenty of pressure in the first few minutes, right up to the Fortuna goalkeeper. He was visibly struggling, but just managed to get his leg in when Dylan was very close. Due to the fast pressure PSV got hold of the ball quickly, which led to some small chances, but because they were too restless, or just lacked accuracy, it remained 0-0. In the 11th minute Martijn managed to get the ball in front of the goal, Mylian came in at the 2nd post and it was impossible for him to miss this opportunity. 0-1. The good play of PSV continued but it did not lead to more than small chances. After a lot of fumbling at the back of PSV, it was the PSV players themselves who gave Fortuna the opportunity to come back in the game, instead of just clearing the ball they always want to solve it football wise, which results in mistakes and goals against. So 1-1 and Fortuna back in the match, which was unnecessary. But the boys of PSV clearly show that they want a lead before halftime. After a scrimmage in front of the Fortuna goal Martijn manages to keep his head cool and shoots in a controlled way 1-2. 2 Minutes later it is Ruben who manages to find the ropes with a nice tight dry shot, increasing the distance 1-3. In the last minute of the 1st half another corner for PSV, of course taken by Mylian, perfectly the ball arrives in front of the goal, Jesse comes flying through the air with his forehead full against the ball, this results in a brilliant goal and a nice halftime score 1-4.

    After the start of the 2nd half, PSV showed they wanted to continue the good play of the first half. Only the referee wanted to bring back some tension in the game, by giving a penalty which I think only he had seen. But at PSV there is no Jasper Cillesen on the goal, but Kevin Gadellaa, and he is unpassable with a penalty. As expected, Kevin stops the penalty. PSV's play remains good but they don't get further than some small chances, or it should be Dyon, who wants to surprise the goalkeeper with a nice marker, but perhaps should have made the choice to score simply but effectively. Then in the 53rd minute it is still Dylan who manages to increase the score 1-5.
    All in all a good game for the boys, few chances given away, score perhaps could have been a little higher, but football good game. And professionally secured the victory. Next week the home game against Brabant United, I expect more physical resistance so the boys can prepare for that.