Jan. 18, 2:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Jason van Duiven
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  2. Goal

    Koen Jansen
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  3. Match report

    PSV opens strong in championship pool

    PSV opened the second half of the season Saturday at Herdgang with an excellent victory. In the first match in the champions' pool, they took the full win against FC Twente, who were still in a fierce battle for placement in the competition for the best O16 teams before the winter break.

    The match was nothing like the two encounters the two teams had with each other earlier before the winter break. Those matches were both characterized by an extreme scoring sequence (4-4 at home and 4-3 away) in which the game undulated up and down and in which Twente eventually deprived PSV of five points. Saturday's match had a very different picture. PSV played excellent and maintained control for almost the entire match. Although Twente took the lead in the 35th minute when a ball was shot in from a seemingly impossible angle, PSV kept its composure and equalized still in injury time of the first half. Broadcaster Jason, who actually should have put PSV ahead in the 6th minute when the ball suddenly fell at his feet around the five-meter area but hastily shot over, decisively worked a good cross into the ropes hard half volley after a good preparatory action by Jaivy.

    PSV also played a finesecond half, although Twente had the first big chance. In the 60th minute the guests came through dangerously on the left side, but the striker's tailored cross from the turn was shot just barely over. Finally, ten minutes before time it was left defender Koen who took a dropped ball from twenty meters to his chocolate right and shot the winning goal. A beautiful goal as an ultimately just reward for an excellent match.

    Next week, PSV is due for another rest. The following week Feyenoord will visit PSV Campus de Herdgang at 2:30 pm.

    Kjell Peersman; Bram Rovers, Milan Govaers, Yaël Gil y Muinos (58/Luc Netten), Koen Jansen; Matteo Dams, Chahid el Allachi © (41/Sven Simons), Tijmen Niekel; Jamal Gonzaga (73/Ruben van Bommel), Jason van Duiven (80/Shi-jon Martina), Jaivy Lourens (68/Tyron Perret Gentil).