Nov. 16, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Onesime Zimuangana
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  2. Match report

    Sour loss for PSV O14

    The O14 had to visit FC Twente on Saturday. An important match, because a win would qualify them for the champion's pool next spring. Despite an advantage in the match, the boys were unable to take the points to Eindhoven. With a 2-0 lead, PSV seemed to have nothing to worry about. But within five minutes the men from Hengelo managed to turn the score around to a 3-2 victory. In these five minutes, PSV's final line did not look good.

    In the 13th minute, the first dangerous moment of the match. It was Zimuangana coming one-on-one with the Twente goalkeeper. However, due to good goalkeeping, he did not manage to score. Five minutes later, Zimuangana ran onto a long ball that Van de Riet kicked over everyone from behind, now again one-on-one with the goalkeeper, now he stayed cool and did score: 0-1. In the final minutes of the first half, Twente did become dangerous, but both chances went just wide.

    At halftime, it did not look like PSV would have a hard time. When in the 42nd minute Zimuangana managed to score in brilliant fashion with a beautiful shot from about twenty-five yards, there seemed to be nothing left at all. A few minutes later another chance for Bos, who hit the late, and in the rebound Van Duiven just couldn't reach it. But then between minute 56 and 62, it was Twente that managed to score three times, but each time helped down by mistakes by a PSV player. PSV went on the hunt for the equalizer, but they were unable to score. Thus a defeat that was certainly unnecessary.

    Next week Feyenoord comes to visit. Then they won't have to give away chances like that, because then it will be even more difficult.

    Composition PSV:
    Janssen, Jansen, Van den Boogaard, Kuhn, Van de Riet; Quispel, Bos, Verkooijen (65/Van Duiven); Zimuangana, Van Duiven (55/Bouhoudane), Bawuah (45/Waayers).