Nov. 16, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Isaï Middag
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  2. Goal

    Raf Vullers
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  3. Goal

    Dichano Bulo
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  4. Match report

    Dominant PSV O13 takes three points from Enschede

    Visiting FC Twente, PSV O13 recorded an easy victory. The team failed to decide the game for a long time, but due to a couple of late goals they still ran out to a big win.

    PSV O13 started the match brightly and quickly created a number of great chances. Sami Bouhoudane hit the crossbar, Isaï Middag saw his effort stopped on the goal line and Benjamin Khaderi was unlucky that his shot was too close to the goalkeeper. After ten minutes, the Eindhoven players deservedly took the lead. Sami Bouhoudane played Isaï Middag free, who shot the ball hard and unstoppable into the top corner. Right from the kickoff, PSV could have decided the game, but Isaï Middag hit the post. PSV had full control of the game, knew how to find the free man and often emerged victorious in personal duels. Yet FC Twente had an enormous chance to equalize just before half-time, when the outside right of the Enschede players had free rein on goal. His attempt went over goalkeeper Lucca Kiaba, but fortunately for the Eindhoveners it also went over the bar. It was a sign that PSV, despite a huge advantage, also had to be sharp in the second half.

    After the resumption, the pattern of play was not much different than in the first game. PSV was better, had the ball a lot, but had to be alert for the counter-attacks from Twente. Isaï Middag, Benjamin Khaderi and Joep Willems threatened on a number of occasions, but failed to put the game to bed. Raf Vullers did, ten minutes before time. A shot from Benjamin Khaderi was not sufficiently turned away by the Twente goalkeeper, after which the midfielder could easily tap the ball in. Not much later it was 0-3, when Dichano Bulo, also substituted, headed a corner against the ropes. The final chord was again for Raf Vullers, who appreciated a cross from Jari Horsten. With a beautiful header he left the goalkeeper defenseless and made it 0-4. The substitutes clearly showed their worth in this easy victory for PSV O13. The team was better than its opponent, gave away few chances and managed to create enough opportunities on the other side for a big win.

    Next week the team will play the topper against Feyenoord. This match, played at PSV's own Campus De Herdgang, will then start at 11:00 am.

    Lucca Kiaba (35/Stijn Kuijsten); Yalen Meulendijks (56/Jari Horsten), Michael Bresser, Steyn Mussche, Rens Boon (48/Dichano Bulo); Benjamin Khaderi, Isaï Middag (56/Raf Vullers), Boet Mulders; Gino Verhulst, Sami Bouhoudane (35/Joep Willems), Rodin Oesterholdt (35/Pieter van de Beek).