Feb. 15, 11:00 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Sami Bouhoudane
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  2. Goal

    Isaï Middag
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  3. Goal

    Joep Willems
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  4. Match report

    PSV O13 books late win after fantastic comeback against Sparta

    At PSV's own Campus De Herdgang, PSV O13 recorded a late victory. The team faced a 0-3 deficit midway through the first half, but showed tremendous resilience and still managed to win 4-3 in the end.

    For a long time it did not look like PSV would get a result. The team was very sloppy in ball possession, let themselves be outplayed too often in personal duels and gave away too much space at the back. Sparta took full advantage of these opportunities and led 0-3 after 23 minutes. Just before half time PSV did something back, when Sami Bouhoudane headed the ball into the crossbar. With the score 1-3, both teams went to tea.

    PSV knew the game had to improve in the second half and soon brought the tension fully back into the match. After a smooth combination between Isaï Middag and Sami Bouhoudane, the former got the ball at his feet. With a beautiful curl he managed to outsmart the Sparta goalkeeper. Not much later the Eindhoveners even equalized, when Sami Bouhoudane promoted a strong push from Rens Boon to a goal. PSV smelled there was more to be gained and soon created some good chances. Efforts by Jari Horsten and Benjamin Khaderi ended up in the hands of the goalkeeper and Sami Bouhoudane headed the post. In the final minute of the match, PSV rewarded itself for the strong second half, when a kick from goalkeeper Stijn Kuijsten ended up with Sami Bouhoudane. The striker sent Joep Willems away, who worked the ball hard into the crossbar. The joy among the Eindhoven players was great, as the team managed to fight their way out of defeat to a victory.

    Next Tuesday, PSV O13 plays an exhibition match against Willem II, the match against the Tilburgers starts at 18:00. Next Saturday the team plays in the quarterfinals of the cup, when Ajax comes to visit Eindhoven. This match then starts at 11:00 am.

    Lucca Kiaba (35/Stijn Kuijsten); Jari Horsten, Michael Bresser, Steyn Mussche, Rens Boon; Benjamin Khaderi, Gino Verhulst, Pieter van der Beek (35/Imran Yachou); Isaï Middag, Sami Bouhoudane, Raf Vullers (35/Joep Willems)