Feb. 15, 11:30 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Sven Simons
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    Jamal Gonzaga
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  3. Match report

    PSV consolidates lead position

    In a low-quality game, PSV nevertheless did excellent business in Saturday's away match against FC Utrecht. Against the always tricky opponent, PSV took the full win for the third league round in a row and, for what it's worth after three games, consolidated its lead in the Champions League.

    Utrecht and PSV were anything but a spectacle. The first real chance came in the sixth minute when Utrecht volleyed in a scrimmage in the penalty area, forcing goalkeeper Rick to reach for the corner. It then took no less than half an hour for PSV to counter that in an offensive sense. Ruben, on the right, crossed to the left to take a corner. His sharp kick landed directly at the far post after being missed by several legs and narrowly saved Utrecht. A few minutes later, PSV managed to take the lead after a superbly executed attack. Jamal controlled the ball on the left outside the penalty area and then delivered a measured incoming cross to the incoming Sven, who headed in the 0-1 hard and accurately. Although PSV seemed to have the psychological advantage, Utrecht managed to equalize in injury time after a curious moment. Goalkeeper Rick came out of his goal after a deep Utrecht ball, which he misjudged. The Utrecht striker just managed to elevator the ball over the outrunning goalkeeper and it slowly bounced in, 1-1.

    Although Utrecht also had the first big chance in the second half, but shot over from close range, PSV should have scored thefirst goal in the also mediocre second half. Jaivy rounded off a good attacking move with an excellent cross at thefar post, which Jason just missed. Ten minutes before time, PSV still took the full win. Matteo reached Jamal with a far ball, who first misheard the ball at the far post, but then put the ball in front of himself and shot hard from close range, 1-2. Well into injury time Jason had a chance to increase the score but his free kick ended up at the crossbar.

    Despite not an eye-opening game today, a fine victory for PSV, which leads the league table unbeaten, shared, after three wins. After the upcoming carnival weekend, PSV will play the cracker against co-leader Ajax on Feb. 29 at 2:30 p.m. at home.

    Rick Jonkers; Jaivy Lourens, Jesper Uneken, Yaël Gil y Muinos, Koen Jansen ©; Matteo Dams, Sven Simons (61/Elvic Jager), Julian Kuijpers (41/Chahid el Allachi); Ruben van Bommel (48/Tyron Perret Gentil), Jason van Duiven, Jamal Gonzaga.

    Yellow card: Rick