Dec. 14, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Sven Simons
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  2. Goal

    Ruben van Bommel
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  3. Goal

    Jaivy Lourens
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  4. Match report

    PSV closes year in style

    In the last match before the winter break, which had lost its importance because of last week's qualification for the Champions Pool, PSV nevertheless achieved a psychological victory. At Papendal, PSV won 1-3 from Vitesse, passing the Arnheimers by a much better goal difference (PSV scored an average of 4 goals per game) and eventually finishing second in the autumn competition.

    PSV distanced themselves from Vitesse early in the first half with two great goals. In the 17th minute, Sven was given all the space he needed for a shot from the edge of the penalty area. With his left he shot the ball tightly into the crossbar beyond the reach of the goalkeeper, 0-1. More than five minutes later, Shi-jon provided the preparation for PSV'ssecond goal with a fantastic action. Picking up the ball on the sideline, he ran at speed into the penalty area and from the back line served Ruben, who shot the 0-2 at the first post.

    It wasn't until the 66th minute that Vitesse managed to score a counter goal. Despite an injury to one of their own players, Vitesse continued an attack in which they managed to get in front of Rick alone and had the corner to choose from, 1-2. A few minutes before the final whistle, PSV put the game away with a fine free kick. Milan sent Jamal into the penalty area and his low cross was shot hard into thefar post by Jaivy, 1-3.

    An excellent result as the final piece of a league half in which PSV had to fight for a long time for a spot in the champions' pool, which in the end was amply achieved with a second place, despite the fine figures (an average of almost two points per game and a goal difference of +30). One more training session and then O16 will be off for a few weeks. PSV plays after the winter break on January 11 at 12.30 against VVV. Have a nice vacation all, staff and players of O16 wish everyone happy holidays!

    Rick Jonkers; Koen Jansen (50/Tyron Perret Gentil), Milan Govaers ©, Matteo Dams, Julian Kuijpers; Luc Netten, Sven Simons (59/Chahid el Allachi), Tijmen Niekel; Ruben van Bommel (62/Jaivy Lourens), Shi-jon Martina, Jamal Gonzaga.

    Yellow card: Luc, Milan