Dec. 14, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Sami Bouhoudane
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  2. Goal

    Pieter van der Beek
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  3. Goal

    Joep Willems
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  4. Match report

    PSV O13 wins fall competition in style

    With a convincing victory in Rotterdam, PSV O13 secured the win in the fall competition. Sparta Rotterdam was swept aside 1-6 on their own turf.

    PSV opened furiously and took the lead within two minutes. Isaï Middag sent Gino Verhulst deep, who delivered a fantastic cross. This was headed in at the far post by Sami Bouhoudane. After this good start, PSV dropped back a bit. Sparta got into the game better and had some chances, but goalkeeper Lucca Kiaba had a good answer when the number ten of Sparta appeared in front of him. After just under half an hour, PSV managed to double its lead in fantastic fashion. The team played well under the pressure in their own half and Gino Verhulst was played in with some nice passes. As with the 0-1, his cross reached Sami Bouhoudane, who cleverly headed in. Not much later Sparta came back to 1-2, when the ball was put on the spot after a block from Michael Bresser. Goalkeeper Lucca Kiaba couldn't get his hand behind the penalty, so it calmly rolled in. PSV did not give up after this setback and immediately from the kickoff the team went to 1-3. A first attempt was stopped by the Sparta goalie, but from the following corner kick Sami Bouhoudane headed in his third goal. This 1-3 was also the score at halftime.

    After the resumption, PSV quickly decided the match. Joep Willems passed his opponent and pulled the ball back well. A Sparta defender was unfortunate enough to run into his cross and the ball rolled into the far corner. Not much later Pieter van der Beek, who had just stepped in, also made a contribution. The midfielder was played in on the edge of the penalty area and with a dry blast into the short corner he managed to pass the goalkeeper. Ten minutes before time, Joep Willems put the final score on the scoreboard. The outside player passed two opponents and fired a devastating shot to make it 1-6.

    Thus, PSV O13 ends a good first half of the season with the title in the Autumn League. The team won 12 of the 14 games and scored 71 goals. After the winter break the team plays an indoor tournament in Delfzijl, after which the cup competition resumes with a game against Alphense Boys.

    Lucca Kiaba (35/Stijn Kuijsten); Imran Yachou, Michael Bresser (35/Yalen Meulendijks), Benjamin Khaderi (35/Steyn Mussche), Rens Boon (35/Abdullah Hekmat); Pieter van der Beek (19/Jari Horsten), Raf Vullers (35/Joep Willems), Isaï Middag (35/Boet Mulders); Dichano Bulo, Sami Bouhoudane, Gino Verhulst (45/Pieter van der Beek).