November 14, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    It was PSV U13 who immediately started playing full on attack in the home match against Feyenoord U13. This resulted in 2 chances in the first few minutes, but unfortunately it was Feyenoord who managed to score from their first attack, so after 4 minutes of good attacking football from PSV, it was Feyenoord who took a 0-1 lead. PSV showed that they were still in the right frame of mind, continuing to play well and Feyenoord were unable to do much more than play the long ball. There were some small chances, such as a header that just went past. Or Cel who managed to reach the 16 with a good attack but was blocked by the Feyenoord goalie. Feyenoord's quick attacks did not pose much of a threat either, so it was a nice game to watch which took place mainly in midfield. In the 25 minute the deserved equalizer came, Mylian taking a free kick at the side of the pitch. He turned the ball towards the second post, and here it was a piece of cake for Martijn to work the ball into the ropes, at that moment the deserved equalizer and also the score at halftime.

    In the first minute PSV looked to take the lead after Deveron reacted well to a Feyenoord mistake at the back, but unfortunately the post prevented this. On the counter attack Feyenoord did score, as PSV did not manage to clear the ball at the back. 1-2. After this goal it became a real match between two teams that wanted the points, and fought for every meter on the pitch, which resulted in one moment of great football and the next moment a pass over 2 meters that was given totally the wrong way by both Feyenoord and PSV. Small chances for PSV but also certainly for Feyenoord and the further the second half progressed the more Feyenoord became the boss on the pitch. In the last 10 minutes of the game Feyenoord put a lot of pressure on the PSV defense and Feyenoord scored one more goal to make it 1-3. All in all it was a game in which the boys gave their all, in which they were the better team in the first half and in which Feyenoord were the better team in the second half. But the neutral spectator certainly saw a nice match with sometimes very good football from both teams. Next week a cup game against Brabant United.