Sept. 14, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Onesime Zimuangana
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  2. Goal

    Raf van de Riet
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  3. Match report

    Goal-rich draw

    Last Saturday, AZ came to visit PSV Campus De Herdgang. It was the second league match of the season. AZ became champions with this team last year so it could be a tough match.

    After a somewhat messy start to the match, the level kept going up. In the tenth minute small chances arose. A shot from Raf van de Riet went just wide and an AZ attempt from a corner went past the goal. Zimuangana put PSV O14 ahead in the twentieth minute after a quick throw in by Waayers. However, three minutes later it was equal again when PSV's organization was not right. But even before halftime the O14 scored again and again it was Zimuangana. The striker was well reached by Vermeulen and managed to hit the target in two instances. A deserved lead at halftime.

    AZ then came out of the dressing room brighter and put high pressure. Where PSV missed a penalty, the Alkmaar players managed to score and twice as well, which forced the O14 to chase. This eventually resulted in a goal for Raf van de Riet, who took a devastating hit and left the AZ goalkeeper defenseless. But a 3-3 draw was all we could hope for.

    Next Thursday, PSV O14 plays the next match. Then it will visit FC Eindhoven.


    Jansen; Jansen, Van den Boogaard, Bos (49/Kuhn), Van de Riet; Quispel, Vermeulen(61/Gomez), Verkooijen (60/Van Duiven); Waayers, Zimuangana, Bawuah (60/Ettiene);