Sept. 14, 2:30 p.m.
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    D'Leanu Arts
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    Mohamed Nassoh
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    Easy victory PSV O17 in Volendam

    It was an easy afternoon in the Volendam sun, although PSV under 17 made things unnecessarily difficult for themselves. Already in the first five minutes PSV created three big chances, but the target was not yet set. To cap it all, the men from Eindhoven found themselves trailing after ten minutes. From a Volendam free kick, goalkeeper Aron van Lare unhappily boxed the ball against defender Fedde Leysen, who was just trying to avoid the ball. Slowly the ball disappeared into his own goal. A false start, unnecessary considering the beginning.

    After that, coach Adil Ramzi's team got going. Within twenty minutes Mohamed Nassoh (better known as 'Mo') made it 1-1. Mylian Jiminez's shot hit the bar, but Mo did not hesitate for a moment and turned the ball into the top right corner from the edge of the box. About ten minutes later the 1-2 came from a quick and clever throw-in by D'Leanu Arts. With that throw-in he put Milan van de Riet in position and he didn't hesitate: a placed ball, low and hard down the left. With that score they reached halftime, where PSV could mainly complain about the number of missed chances.

    After halftime, the team continued what it was doing before halftime: scoring. After five minutes the ball was in FC Volendam's goal again. D'Leanu Arts reacted attentively after the Volendam goalkeeper turned away a shot by Van de Riet: 1-3. Just under ten minutes later it was the same Van de Riet who brought the score to 1-4. Iggy Houben found Mo Nassoh who in turn cleverly served the PSV striker, again coolly finishing in the bottom left corner. Where Volendam appeared in the game only with some teasing shots (free kick on the crossbar), it was Milan van de Riet who scored his third goal of the afternoon. Substitute Ibrahima Berete, after a deflected corner kick, smoothly passed his opponent and found Van de Riet to finish: 1-5.

    Yet Volendam got on the scoreboard even without the help of a PSV player. After an alleged hands ball in PSV's wall, Volendam unwrapped the gift. After that, the match seemed played, were it not for Milan van de Riet's disagreement. Injury time had just arrived and PSV came out smoothly once more. Jenson Seelt found D'Leanu Arts, who in turn put Milan in front of the goalkeeper. The striker did not have to think long about that, he made it 2-6 by chasing the ball high into the goal on the left. The Volendam goalkeeper had to fish for the sixth time.

    An easy afternoon for PSV Under 17, which started out unnecessarily difficult. Big man: Milan van de Riet with four goals, the last time he scored four was against NAC, two years ago. Next week awaits a home game at 2 p.m. against FC Utrecht. Let's hope the boys can continue the good league start.

    Formation PSV
    Aron van Lare; D'Leanu Arts, Jenson Seelt, Fedde Leysen (74/Jesse Giebels), Nawaaz Landfeld; Livano Comenencia, Mylian Jiminez, Mohamed Nassoh (59/Dylan Hopman); Iggy Houben (74/Naïm Matoug), Milan van de Riet, Ilyas Bougafer (59/Ibrahima Berete).