Oct. 12, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Raf van de Riet
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  2. Match report

    Sensitive defeat for PSV O14

    PSV O14 suffered an unexpected defeat against Vitesse O14 on Saturday. The match was of a low level, PSV did not get into the game they had shown in recent weeks. After a 1-0 halftime score, PSV failed to capitalize on the chances in the second half. And if you don't get the chances yourself, you will see that the opponent can. As a result, after 70 minutes the scoreboard stood 1-2.

    In a messy first half, chances for both teams were sparse. We had to wait until the last minute of the first half before we scored. A cross from Thijs Jansen came via an Arnheim leg to Raf van de Riet, who took a devastating shot and made it 1-0. Two minutes later the referee blew the halftime whistle.

    Where everyone then expects PSV to go further away it did not happen. PSV missed some good chances. If you do not manage to score you know that those chances will come at the other end. In the 56th minute Vitesse managed to score from a corner, because the header was left free, and two minutes later Vitesse scored again from a cross. PSV continued to try, but again no real clear-cut chances. As a result, PSV suffered a sensitive defeat.

    Composition PSV:
    Kuijsten; Jansen, Bos, Kuhn, Van de Riet; Quispel, Vermeulen (55/Gomez), Verkooijen; Waayers, Van Duiven (49/Zimuangana), Ettienne (43/Bawuah)