Oct. 12, 3:30 p.m.
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  1. Match report

    PSV grabs next to draw in Zwolle

    What PSV did earlier this week in the week-long league match against FC Twente, a seemingly unbridgeable 0-4 halftime score cleverly rectified to 4-4, they failed to do last Saturday in the away match against PEC Zwolle. Again, a mediocre first half was interspersed with a fine second, but PSV failed to erase the 1-0 lead Zwolle took shortly before halftime.

    Zwolle played better than PSV in the first half and underlined that already after ten minutes when a good attack was almost crowned with the opening goal, which was foiled by the crossbar, however. PSV looked a bit lackluster, perhaps due to the late kickoff time in Zwolle, although the fast attackers managed to create danger as always. In particular, central striker Jaivy was dangerous from an individual action that ended up in the side netting, and in the 34th minute from a quick attack in which Ruben put the ball tightly in front of the goal to the incoming striker, who shot the ball hard wide, however. A few minutes before the halftime signal and thus at a psychologically important moment, Zwolle cashed in on one of the chances it got before halftime and worked the ball from close range behind Kjell, 1-0.

    Given the way the game looked, it was not a distorted representation of the proportions, but that was all. PSV came out of the dressing room sharp and immediately grabbed Zwolle by the throat, which they did not let go of until the 80th minute. PSV pushed Zwolle back from the start, put full pressure, took aggressive action and created a number of good chances for the equalizer. A totally different picture of play, therefore, just like in the match earlier this week. Based on the second half, PSV could at least claim the equalizer and had a couple of excellent opportunities to do so. Especially substitute Shi-jon had the 1-1 draw on two occasions. In the 73rd minute, he was sent into the penalty area at speed and suddenly found himself alone in front of the goalkeeper, who came out well-timed and saved Shi-jon's effort. Moreover, in injury time he tried again from distance with a flying shot, which disappeared into the stands via the top of the crossbar. PSV failed to score despite the changed proportions in thesecond half and can blame themselves for that. However, the play shown after halftime gives the necessary confidence for the upcoming matches.

    PSV plays next Saturday at 12:30 p.m. at home against Vitesse.

    Kjell Peersman; Seb Loeffen (/59 Luc Netten), Jesper Uneken ©, Koen Jansen, Julian Kuijpers; Sven Simons (/9 Mido Hamelynck), Milan Govaers, Chahid el Allachi (/49 Jamal Ourhris); Ruben van Bommel (/69 Shi-jon Martina), Jaivy Lourens, Tyron Perret Gentil (/49 Tijmen Niekel).