Sept. 12, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    In this first league game of the season, PSV had an opportunity to take the lead as early as the third minute. The shot hit the post but did not lead to a goal. PSV played unconcentrated in the first part of the match, making the wrong choices and losing the ball unnecessarily. PSV hardly created any chances and had to be alert that a sporadic outburst from the home club would not lead to a goal against. In the 27th minute of the match, PSV was able to register the first good attack, an attack set up by Thomas. His pass to Jeremy was well crossed by him and Ian tapped the ball in, 0-1. After this goal PSV started to play better football but this did not lead to any real goal chances in the first half.

    PSV in the second half continued the line of the last ten minutes of the first half. PSV was stronger and Roda JC was forced into defense. In the 44th minute, this resulted in a goal after a deep ball from Heritier to Jayden. Jayden's cross was again tapped in by Ian, 0-2. The home club's resistance was now broken and PSV played a winning game. PSV combined better and now they made the right choices. In the 58th minute, PSV managed to find the net again. A PSV attack was initially turned away but Ian reacted alertly and shot the 0-3. In the last ten minutes of the match PSV had several opportunities to extend the score. Only Joost managed to get past the goalkeeper with a long distance shot from outside the penalty area. He put the final score of 0-4 on the scoreboard.

    Verhoeven (Strijbosch), Cox, Lonwijk (Verschut), Matuta La Nkenda Nosa, Van der Burgt (Bora Deyonge), De Schutter, N. Munsters (Clabbers), Maatsen, Antonisse (J. Munsters), Tielemans, Braaf.