March 12, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    PSV started the match well. By building up from behind, PSV was always able to find the free man, although hardly any chances were created in the early stages. Feyenoord tried to reach the fast forwards with the long ball from behind, but the PSV defense stood well. Nevertheless, Feyenoord took the lead in the ninth minute. From a corner a Feyenoord player was able to head in unchallenged, 0-1. After this goal, PSV had to recover and stay alert to the visitors' quick outbursts. In the last 10 minutes of the first half, PSV got into the game better without creating any real chances. With 0-1 the teams went into the break.

    PSV started the second half strongly. PSV combined well and Feyenoord had to fight back. Feyenoord tried to create some danger with quick breaks. In the 41st this almost resulted in a goal for Feyenoord but the ball was shot just wide. PSV continued unabated, however, and had the game in hand. The wait was on for a goal. A PSV free kick was cleared by Feyenoord in the 59th minute. Joost picked up the ball and after a strong rush he shot the ball low in, 1-1. One minute later, PSV almost took the lead. After a nice PSV attack, Jur's cross was headed just wide by Jeremy. PSV continued to look for the lead but had to watch out for Feyenoord's quick outbursts. There were some opportunities for PSV but they did not score. In the end PSV gave the game away. In injury time Feyenoord were awarded a penalty kick after a foul in the penalty area. PSV was left empty-handed.

    PSV played with too little guts in the first half. In the second half, PSV was by far the better player. It was sour that in the end the points went to Feyenoord.

    Strijbosch (Verhoeven), N. Munsters ( Van der Burgt), Lonwijk, De Schutter, Doudah, Maatsen, Tielemans, Verschut (J. Munsters), Nassoh, Clabbers, Antonisse.