October 10, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    That a match can have two faces was proved once again on Saturday when PSV hosted Sparta at the Herdgang. PSV played a weak first half, not even at the hands of the guests, but immediately tackled things very differently after halftime and consequently played a good 2nd half. However, PSV's failure to score from the various chances created made for a spectacular final phase in which Sparta also came close to scoring the winning goal.

    PSV's total failure to get into the game in the first half is most typified by the fact that it was not until the 35th minute that the team succeeded in forcing the Sparta goalkeeper into a save for the first time, which is completely at odds with the team's usual productivity. Also telling was the way the very first chance of the match -also only after 23 minutes of play- came about, when a PSV striker went running with the ball on his own half around the penalty area and lost it to a Spartan, who then, with a measured cross, enabled the striker to head in at the far corner, 0-1. A welcome present for Sparta, who couldn't create more chances themselves in the first half either.

    In the second half PSV came out of the dressing room reborn, played as a team, their own game and created -thus- a large number of clear-cut chances. Although it was not an away opportunity, Evert's 1-1 was of great beauty. When a ball came at his feet outside the penalty area and rebounded and he saw the Sparta goalkeeper standing slightly in front of his goals, he didn't think twice and shot the ball volley over the goalkeeper. A fantastic goal from the big little man, and the equalizer that PSV also seemed to need so much. Because then followed a series of excellent attacking actions, from which one time they also scored. In the 52nd minute, after a cross from Amar, Yasin entered the duel with the goalkeeper who missed, then Yasin headed in at 2nd. For reasons that remained unclear (offside?) the referee called off the situation.

    As both teams went for the win, an exciting final phase ensued in which both teams had great chances - Rico shot high over from close range and the Sparta goalkeeper prevented goals from Amar and Yasin with some excellent saves - and the ball was cleared off the goal line at both ends. Although the score could have been very different as a result, this match goes into the books with the biased '1-1'.

    Next week there is no league program for the O16. The team leaves for England on Thursday for a 3-day tournament at Liverpool. On Oct. 24, PSV plays the league match at home against Excelsior.

    '23 0-1
    '46 1-1 Evert Linthorst

    Lucas Derks; Rico Zeegers - Tijn Daverveld © ('80+ Bryan van Hove) - Abou Kone - Gregory Kuisch; Evert Linthorst - Vince Colpaert ('41 Davy van den Berg) - Sekou Sidibe; Amar Catic - Joop Daniëls ('68 Sem van den Broek) - Yasin Aallilou.

    On the bench not substituted: Kyan van Dorp, Arne Bens, Koen Oostenbrink.