October 10, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today the home match against MVV from Maastricht for the PSV U13 boys. Last week they played a draw against Feyenoord, so it could be a difficult morning.
    From minute 1, PSV shows that there is nothing to get in Eindhoven today. They immediately start showing good football on the beautiful grass pitch. Positional play as it should be played, playing the ball forward as often as possible and not infinitely back, no the field play was good. PSV has a clear majority on the field, but no real chances. It goes well until the 16-meter mark, but then the sturdy defense of the Limburgers stands in the way. There were small chances, for example for Dyon who went off alone to the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper saved well. Or Gioele who after a brilliant passing move manages to get the ball on target but again the goalkeeper is between them, and in the rebound Joep does not succeed either. Joey tries from distance but his shot lacked power. So we had the upper hand, gave nothing away but no goals, that was in short the first half.
    We know from experience that two good halves is a problem for the U13, but one day it will change, maybe today? Or is it the one attack by MVV that will throw a spanner in the works? No from the first whistle PSV continues to do what they did in the first half, play good football, after 4 minutes in the second half the deserved lead finally comes, after a poor corner by Mylian low over the ground it is Dylan who is the first to the 1st pole and manages to tap the ball in. 2 minutes later it is Jesse who sends Mylian wide, he gives a nice cross to Jesse, who heads the ball through and again it is Dylan who is there in time to work in 0-2 after a very nice and well executed attack.
    PSV continues to dominate the field after this there are also chances but still it is difficult to outsmart the MVV defense. In the 70 minute it is Jesse who manages to head the ball in from a corner, 0-3. After this also some small chances but still the score is not increased.
    A very well deserved victory, with good field play, a lot of effort and just a very good game, the upward trend remains visible every week. The hard work at training is rewarded in the matches. And today clearly showed that they can also show it throughout the match. Next week the away game to Helmond Sport. A real Derby. And for Dyon a special touch, he will play against his own brother.