October 10, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    All prospects were good for a great match. A reasonable artificial turf field. A lovely autumn sunshine. A fine autumn temperature. The opponent, as it turned out, a tough middle ground team.
    In the end, the 3 points did go with us to Eindhoven, but the match was anything but good.
    In the first half, PSV's play up front was inaccurate and sloppy, and at the back it was restless and unfocused. In other words, before halftime, PSV really should have been ahead 2-0 or 3-0.
    But, for the same money, stupid bad luck could have put PSV 0-1 down at halftime. Just before halftime the goalkeeper, Robin Verhoeven, made a miraculous save with his nose outside the penalty area.
    After halftime, PSV played better. Again, chances were wasted, but nothing was given away at the back. However, there was a constant feeling that at some unfortunate moment the ball could whirl into the penalty area and then suddenly be in PSV's goal out of nowhere. Just before time, PSV finally broke the spell. Jayden Braaf opened the scoring. And shortly thereafter Joost de Schutter's header from a corner kick put the game definitively in the balance. For statistics and for a nice ending to a mediocre match, Heritier Bora Deyonge shot the ball from a sloppy 20 meters distance in a very nice way. Final score: 0-3 in favor of PSV.

    65' Jayden Braaf
    67' Joost de Schutter
    69' Heritier Bora Deyonge

    1. Robin Verhoeven
    2. Thomas Cox
    3. Nigel Lonwijk
    4. Manu Matuta La Nkenda Nosa
    5. Amin Doudah
    6. Joost de Schutter
    7. Jur Clabbers
    8. Djurre Verschut
    10. Mathijs Tielemans
    11. Joep Munsters

    12. Heritier Bora Deyonge
    14. Ian Maatsen
    15. Luuk van der Burgt
    17. Jeremy Antonisse
    18. Niek Munsters
    Mo Nassoh 19.

    Injured: Peter Strijbosch