April 9, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After 2 weekends of international tournaments with lots of nice opponents like Barcelona, Liverpool, Malmö, Leverkussen, Genk and many more, today another league match, and again a very nice opponent Feyenoord. Do the PSV players know how many children envy them to play against such nice opponents?

    But today we got out of bed early, because the match at "varkenoord" the youth complex of Feyenoord is already at 10:00 am. For this age group, Feyenoord is always a tough opponent and PSV always struggles. The first half both teams are evenly matched, both teams are positionally good, and make sure the other side does not get to play football. This gave us a lot of midfield football and no movement in front of the goal. We rested with 0-0.
    After tea, Feyenoord showed right from the kick-off that they were not going to give anything away today, putting a bit more pressure and trying to disrupt PSV's build-up. Apart from a few corners, Feyenoord are not really dangerous. However, PSV are the first to score, from a quick break they manage to get a corner, which Mylian passes perfectly and Dyon runs in, making it 0-1. Feyenoord put even more pressure on the PSV goal and also managed to score from a corner after the ball went through Kevin's hands. Feyenoord certainly went in search of another goal after this one but now it was Kevin who prevented this, but the defense did not budge either. PSV even had a chance to score with a quick breakaway.