April 9, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After the first whistle PSV apparently did not yet realize that the match had already started because after 30 seconds inattention in the PSV defense resulted in the first big chance for FC Twente. The striker of the home club came alone in front of Peter but with a fine save Peter prevented an early deficit. PSV was woken up and after this chance an attractive match developed in which both teams looked to attack. The game was played at a high tempo and this resulted in several scoring opportunities for both goals. In the 16th minute, PSV opened the scoring. A nice through ball from Amin put Mathijs free in front of the goalkeeper who did not miss the opportunity, 0-1. One minute later PSV had another great chance but it was not taken. In the 20th minute PSV doubled their lead. A brilliant long ball by Joost from his own half put Jayden alone in front of the FC Twente goalkeeper. With a curve ball Jayden scored the 0-2. The home club had to recover from the shock after this quick deficit but recovered quickly. In the last 10 minutes of the first half the home club tried to force a goal, but no more goals were scored.

    FC Twente started the second half sharp again but it was PSV that was able to score again after two minutes. Jayden intercepted the ball, got in front of the goalkeeper alone and shot the 0-3. Despite this deficit the home club continued unabated. FC Twente continuously put PSV under pressure, but PSV managed to get out of this pressure well. PSV was in control of the match and the home club hardly got any chances. In the 56th minute, PSV managed to score again. A corner by Mohamed was headed in by Jayden, 0-4. The game was over but the home team continued to go on the attack. The spaces became bigger and the Twente players could barely keep up. In the last 10 minutes of the match PSV became more sloppy. This did not create any real chances for the home team. In injury time Mathijs managed to find the goal once more. After a combination with Jayden he shot the 0-5.

    FC Twente and PSV played an attractive match in a high tempo in which both teams looked to attack. However, PSV was more effective in exploiting the chances so that the three points went with them to Eindhoven.

    Strijbosch (Verhoeven), Cox (Verschut), Lonwijk (Nassoh), Matuta La Nkenda Nosa, Maatsen, De Schutter, Clabbers (Bora Deyonge), Doudah, Braaf, Tielemans, Antonisse.