Feb. 8, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Jari Horsten
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  2. Match report

    Defeat for PSV O13 in Arnhem

    At Papendal, PSV O13 suffered their first defeat after the winter break. After 70 minutes of football the final score was 3-1 for opponent Vitesse. PSV had to deal with two quick goals halfway through the first half and could not recover from these blows.

    Still, PSV was the superior side in the opening stages. The Eindhoveners combined well and - without creating any real chances - managed to exert a lot of threat towards the Vitesse goal. The best opportunity was for Rens Boon, who hit a Vitesse defender with a hard effort from a corner kick. Halfway through the first half, however, things went wrong for PSV, when Vitesse managed to open the scoring from a corner kick and a minute later also put the 2-0 on the scoreboard. Both goals were preceded by PSV's personal mistakes, as both goals involved losing sight of the opponent. PSV went in search of the tying goal, but came no closer than an effort from Gino Verhulst. PSV went into the break 2-0 down.

    The team realized it had to do better after halftime, but just like in the first half, few chances were created. Indeed, Vitesse even made it 3-0 by punishing PSV's miscommunication. Just before time, PSV came back to 3-1 when Jari Horsten volleyed a dropped ball into the crossbar. Unfortunately, this wonderful goal came too late to bring the tension back into the match, ending it with a 3-1 defeat.

    Next week, PSV gets a chance to recover. At their own PSV Campus De Herdgang, Sparta Rotterdam will visit, this match then starts at 11:00 am.

    Stijn Kuijsten; Yalen Meulendijks (54/Imran Yachou), Michael Bresser, Steyn Mussche (60/Abdullah Hekmat), Rens Boon; Benjamin Khaderi (54/Jari Horsten), Isaï Middag (57/Raf Vullers), Boet Mulders (35/Pieter van der Beek); Dichano Bulo (35/Joep Willems), Sami Bouhoudane, Gino Verhulst