Feb. 8, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Nicolas Verkooijen
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  2. Match report

    O14 wins in Utrecht

    PSV O14 had to play FC Utrecht O14 last Saturday. FC Utrecht was the newcomer in the highest league, so this means they do have qualities, otherwise they would not have been promoted. It became a nice match between both teams, PSV was better football wise, but Utrecht that played quite compact, came out dangerous a few times. But thanks to a goal from Nicolas Verkooijen, PSV O14 went back to Eindhoven with the three points.

    PSV O14 started the match well, playing good and well-groomed football. Because Utrecht let themselves down quite far, the PSV backs were able to come up very far. In the eleventh minute it was Eus Waayers who managed to get the ball in front of the goal from the back line. This gave Rodin Oesterholt a nice chance to shoot, but unfortunately for Rodin the goalkeeper was in the right place. A few minutes later the Utrecht goalkeeper couldn't get the ball under control, this allowed Robin van Duiven to head the ball in at the far post, but the referee disallowed the goal on the advice of the Utrecht linesman. After this disappointment PSV lost it for a while, as a result Utrecht got some great chances, but the PSV defense did not budge. This made the end of the second half a close game. But no goals were scored before the halftime signal.

    In the second half, PSV was again on top, but the defense had to watch out for Utrecht's attack. But Utrecht could not really get dangerous, simply because PSV was defending well. In the 46th minute it was Samuel Gomez who played a good ball to Robin, but Robin was just a bit later than the Utrecht goalkeeper who was far from his goal. But because Robin did pass well to the goalkeeper, the latter did not manage to clear the ball well. The ball ended up at the feet of Nicolas, who managed to get the ball into the goal perfectly from about twintg. Finally the liberating goal. After this goal no more big chances for both teams, although Utrecht tried a few changes in their team.

    PSV was the deserved winner and showed today that they have everything they need for a good final result. Defense that gave absolutely nothing away, and managed to win all personal duels. Midfielders who played cheerful football, but were also willing to switch when necessary. And a forward who struggled in a very small space, but also performed their tasks well when the ball was lost.

    Next week another difficult match awaits, AZ Alkmaar, the autumn champions will visit Eindhoven.

    Lineup PSV:
    Janssen, Jansen (40/Etienne), v.d. Boogaard, Kuhn, v.d. Riet; Quispel (54/Bakkali), Vermeulen (40/Gomez), Verkooijen; Waayers, v. Duiven, Oesterholt (54/Bawuah).