Dec. 7, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Iggy Houben
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  2. Goal

    Jason van Duiven
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  3. Match report

    PSV still to the championship pool

    O16 qualified very convincingly for the champions' pool in the second half of the competition in Saturday's home match against rival PEC Zwolle. With sixteen points, both teams were in the race for a place among the first four on the league table. PSV played its best game of the season and crushed PEC, which had won the match in Zwolle 1-0, by no less than 8-0. Since Zwolle is outplayed before the winter break, it cannot pass PSV, which is now in third place, and PSV will be at leastfourth with one game to go.

    PEC had absolutely nothing to play for on Saturday against the O16, who did not seem to care about any pressure and played freely. Although the team had been reinforced for the occasion with a number of players who have been with O17 since the start of the season, the coach had also reserved a starting place for O15 players Bram and Jason, who played well. Jason even managed to account for more than half of the total production with no less than five goals on his starting debut. Iggy accounted for the remaining three goals. Without discounting the great collective performance of the entire team and the role of the assistants, the cold numbers show that the two attackers had a significant part in the result on Saturday.

    Next week someone else again, when O16 will play the last league match before the winter break away against Vitesse (12:00 noon) "for all intents and purposes.

    Kjell Peersman; Bram Rovers, Milan Govaers (54/Sven Simons), Yaël Gil y Muinos, Koen Jansen (41/Matteo Dams); Livano Comenencia © (48/Luc Netten), Chahid el Allachi (54/Jamal Gonzaga), Lars Putters (48/Tijmen Niekel); Iggy Houben (48/Ruben van Bommel), Jason van Duiven, Jaivy Lourens (41/Shi-jon Martina).