November 7, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    In Saturday's away game against Roda JC, the O16 alternated a lousy 1st half with an excellent 2nd, as has happened before this season. Where Roda could claim most of the lead in the 1st half with the familiar counterspell, the O16 put their house in order after the discussion at half-time and eventually walked out quite easily to a 0-4 victory, with one goal surpassing the other in beauty.

    PSV played a weak 1st half, with the team playing into the hands of the counter-gambling Roda JC. Significantly, back Rico emerged as the most dangerous striker when he hit the crossbar in a scrimmage in front of the Roda goal in the 17th minute, while PSV's only other opportunity in the 1st half came from a free kick, which Davy rushed towards the goal from 35 meters and was only just nudged out of the crossbar by the goalkeeper. On the other hand, Roda had a number of decent chances and one 100% chance in the 30th minute, when the right-wing striker came through at full speed to the penalty area and beat the striker, who was completely free to choose a corner but shot wide on the left.

    After the coach made it clear at halftime that the game was unworthy of PSV and put the players on edge for the second half, the team played a completely different second half in which Roda barely got a chance to play, and PSV went on the hunt for victory. 3 minutes after halftime it was almost a goal when defender Rico showed he had a good free kick but hit the bar for the 2nd time this afternoon. 5 minutes later and even before he felt cramp in both legs Joop seemed to shoot in the redeeming opening goal but his goal was disallowed due to offside. A short time later, Joop still had a large share in the realization of the first goal, when he made himself free on the left sideline and laid the ball back on the edge of the 16, where Davy was ready to lay on the ball and with a right hand he let the ball disappear into the left upper corner, the most beautiful goal of the afternoon.

    Despite the good play, it took quite some time before PSV managed to make the liberating 0-2 and secure the victory. In the end it was super sub Vince who, 5 minutes before time, finished off an excellent preparatory action by Sem in the penalty area and worked his cross in, the most beautiful goal of the afternoon. In injury time PSV extended their lead to a deserved 0-4 in the second half. First it was the turn of Arne in injury time, who decided to try his luck from distance and took a devastating shot from about 22 meters out, firing the ball into the left crossbar, the best goal of the afternoon, 0-3. The final chord deep into injury time was again from substitute Vince, who after a good action on the left side from the up and coming Gregory followed by a perfect cross at the 2nd post was able to volley hard to score the 0-4, the most beautiful goal of the afternoon.

    All in all a deserved victory for PSV who managed to revenge a very poor start with a fine 2nd half. This week the team has a double schedule, Tuesday the away game against Willem II is on the agenda, Saturday the home game against Brabant United.

    '56 0-1 Davy van den Berg
    '76 0-2 Vince Colpaert
    '80+ 0-3 Arne Bens
    '80+ 0-4 Vince Colpaert

    Kyan van Dorp; Rico Zeegers - Tijn Daverveld (C) - Abou Kone - Bryan van Hove ('53 Evert Linthorst); Joop Daniëls ('67 Vince Colpaert) - Koen Oostenbrink - Davy van den Berg; Gregory Kuisch - Sam van den Broek - Arne Bens.

    On the bench not substituted: Lucas Derks.