Sept. 7, 11:00 a.m.
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  1. Match report

    No win in Amsterdam

    After playing a tournament and some friendly matches, last Saturday the league started for PSV O14. And that started immediately with a topper against Ajax. Immediately a measuring point for new trainers Mourad El Idrissi and Siem Nijssen. After a minute of silence for member of merit, Cees van Merode, the top match in Amsterdam began.

    The first eight minutes were wait-and-see from both teams. Both PSV and Ajax did not get beyond the opponent's sixteen-meter area in the early stages. The first chance of the match was a direct hit. An Ajax shot hit the bar and the Amsterdam striker was quick to head it in. This upset PSV for a moment, but then they picked up the thread and were better than Ajax. With a lot of effort and fierceness, the Amsterdammers were pushed back, but despite good opportunities, PSV did not score.

    After halftime, there was good football by both teams. The biggest chances were for PSV, but Ajax took full advantage of a mistake in defense, 2-0. The team still tried, but there was no more goal.

    Still, PSV could look back on a good match, everything was there to take the points back to Eindhoven. But scoring is also a part of football. So we will work on that in the coming weeks.

    Line-up PSV:
    Janssen, Jansen, Bos (64/El Bakalli), Kuhn, Van de Riet, Quispel (51/Gomez), Vermeulen, Verkooijen, Zimuangana, Waayers (64/Etienne), Oesterholt(51/Van Duiven).