March 7, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Floris Bos
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  2. Goal

    Sami Bouhoudane
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  3. Match report

    PSV O14 wins over leaders Ajax

    Looking at the rankings, it was supposed to be a great match last Saturday at De Herdgang. Namely number one Ajax came to visit number two, PSV. The only difference separating the two teams is the goal average. This is in Ajax's favor. So first place in the league is at stake. After a beautiful and captivating match, it was PSV that deservedly kept the points in Eindhoven, making them the new number one in the league. Of course, this does not mean much after five games played, but it is a sign that there is progression, in Mourad El Idrissi's team.

    In the third minute it could have been a goal for PSV, it is Onesime Zimuangana de from a difficult angle manages to get the ball against the inside of the post. Unfortunately, the ball did not want to enter the goal, but jumped back into the field, into the hands of the Amsterdam goalkeeper. But Ajax also had a great chance in the first five minutes, only the good corner ends up in the side-netting at the first post. After this opening, the spectators present, have to wait until Nicolas Verkooijen can shoot in, after Onesime plays the ball back well. Nicolas' ball lacks speed, and an Ajax defender is able to clear it. Few chances in the first half for both teams, the game goes up and down from sixteen-meter area to sixteen-meter area. But neither team became dangerous.

    Although PSV may have had the better of the game before halftime, a goal against can quickly change that. Immediately after the kickoff, Ajax managed to score. A ball is rumbled in at the far post by the Ajax players. But maybe there should have been someone from PSV there at thesecond post. PSV backs up, and this setback only makes them play better. In the 45th minute it is Raf van de Riet who gets to take a corner. Raf's ball lands exactly on the head of the central defender Floris Bos. With a good header Floris manages to work the ball into the ropes via the hands of the goalkeeper. After this 1-1, it is Jordy Bawuah who again works the ball into the side-netting just one minute later. PSV kept pushing and looking for the lead. Again a good cross from Raf in the 52nd minute, now Jordy kicks the ball just a bit too high, and it ends up on the roof of the goal. In the 58th minute it is Onesime who gets free at the side of the pitch, he goes towards the goal, this time not selfishly, but hands the ball off to Sami Bouhoudane, who calmly manages to slide the ball into the goal. So the deserved lead for PSV. After this, PSV kept going for a further lead, with small chances, but they also had to stay focused on the defense, to not let Ajax score from an unexpected counter punch. But no more goals are scored by either team, so a nice and deserved 2-1 victory for PSV O14.

    Composition PSV:
    Van de Brande, Etienne, Van de Boogaard, Bos, Van de Riet; Vermeulen (41/Quispel), Gomez, Verkooijen; Waayers (35/Bouhoudane), Bawuah (69/Oesterholt).