March 7, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    The o15 of PSV faced VVV this weekend in Stadion De Koel. A team it met twice earlier this season. In the league it won 2-1 with difficulty in Eindhoven. In the cup, it won very convincingly in the same stadium in November, 0-8.

    Matches against VVV are apparently like the Dutch weather: very changeable.

    After the team fell short last Tuesday in Alkmaar against AZ (0-0), it was time to take the three points in the bag again. Because after 5 rounds of play, PSV was still unbeaten, but with 4 draws in a row, there was a gap towards place 1 in this Champions Pool.

    A pool in which the teams are hardly inferior to each other. The numbers show that: 17 games played: 7 of them ended in a draw, 6 had a winner with 1 goal difference, and only 4 games ended with a winner who scored at least 2x more than the opponent. So week in, week out, the players will have to give 120% to make the difference. Fine thing!

    So today VVV, which was just below PSV in the league table. Whether it was because of the spring sunshine or not, but PSV did not start the game sharp. After 5 minutes they miraculously found themselves behind. The VVV striker (accidentally?) got a poorly defended ball against his head that fell straight into the goal.

    PSV had to recover. But it soon became clear that today was no picnic. There were chances and opportunities. After 12 minutes Yasin Aalillou was able to get through to the goalkeeper alone, but with a VVV player on his neck, he was unable to finish.

    The biggest chance was for Vince Colpaert who shot the ball well in the 21st minute, but unfortunately saw a defender work the ball off the goal line. A beautiful action by Koen Oostenbrink on the sideline preceded this.

    Furthermore, PSV had some shooting opportunities. But the right precision was lacking.

    In the second half, PSV seemed to start well. Yasin Aalillou curled the ball from the left onto the roof of the goal. VVV was dangerous a little later via a counter, but it yielded no more than a corner.

    Other than that, there was little in the 2nd half in front of both goals. Perhaps PSV should have been awarded a penalty after a handball. And Vince Colpaert came a toe length too short to slide in a Yasin cross.

    In the very last minute, Sem van den Broek was able to create some head-on danger after a fine cross from Joey Verhoeven. But this effort did not go into the goal either.

    Thus, PSV lost a game for the 2nd time this season. More worrisome is that it has not won 6 games already. With the diptych against Ajax coming up, case to turn this around quickly.

    Lucas Derks; Gregory Kuisch (55' Joey Verhoeven), Abou Kone, Tijn Daverveld, Bryan van Hove (59' Joep Hakkens); Evert Linthorst (c), Koen Oostenbrink (47' Davy van den Berg), Vince Colpaert (63' Arne Bens); Sekou Sidibe, Yasin Aalillou, Joop Daniels (47' Sem van den Broek).