December 6, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    The very last game of the fall competition was already on the agenda. And once again the O15 undertook a trip to Limburg. This time the trip was to Maastricht. Off to the "warm South"!

    Because both the O16 and O17 also had to play today, and there was something at stake there, a number of players from the O15 moved on. So today we had to do it with a small group. In addition, goalkeeper Lucas Derks saw almost only defenders in front of him who normally play in the O14. The forwards were also very young with an O14 player and even one from the O13! But again: no excuses just to put a good game of football on the mat. Fortunately, the group had already played its way up to the Eredivisie and this match, the day after St. Nicholas, could best be described as "for St. Nicholas' sake".

    After initially catching the wrong bus in Eindhoven, the team finally boarded the right bus to begin the journey to Maastricht.

    Early in the match MVV took the lead. A mistake in the build-up was immediately punished in the 3rd minute. Despite the fact that every MVV player was at least half a head taller than the PSV players, the Eindhoven team took the initiative after about 10 minutes.

    However, shots from Yorbe Vertessen and Mohamed Ihattaren were either turned away or went over. Fine field play put increasing pressure on MVV. The rightful equalizer finally fell in the 23rd minute. A fine attack on the left was the basis of Vince Colpaert's goal. Yorbe played the ball to back Jochem van Dijk and his cross was cleverly slipped in by Vince: 1-1.

    After goalkeeper Lucas Derks defused an MVV attack in the 28th minute, 3 minutes later the other side scored. Yorbe received the ball on the left side, came in threateningly with the ball at foot and played off to Mohamed. He dribbled into the 16 and took a devastating shot with his "chocolate leg". The ball plopped into the top of the roof of the goal against the net: 1-2.

    Apart from a free kick by Evert Linthorst that went just wide, nothing much happened in front of both goals before the halftime signal.

    After halftime, PSV continued to dictate the game. It played continuously in the Maastricht half. Yet the home team equalized in the 44th minute. PSV did not let its heads drop and remained well in control on the pitch. However, it needed a penalty to regain the lead in the 48th minute. Jochem sent Yorbe into the depths. At speed, he took off and crossed tightly where Sem van den Broek just couldn't reach the ball. On the right Joey Verhoeven picked up the ball and his effort was handily touched in the sixteen by a Maastricht player. Captain Arne Bens put the ball on the spot and scored the 2-3 in a controlled manner.

    With 10 minutes to play, PSV extended their lead. And how! Inside the sixteen, Vince and Yorbe put on some tikkie-takkie play. After which Mohamed fired in Yorbe's cross at the 2nd post. What an indoor football goal!

    But the most beautiful goal was yet to come. Evert had the ball about 18 meters from the goal and passed the ball with so much feeling over the last line that Vince made his 2nd of the afternoon and PSV's 5th.

    Just before the final whistle, striker Sem scored his fifth goal of the afternoon. A deep ball from Vince ended up with Arne via an MVV player who ran towards goal and unselfishly passed the ball to Sem who easily made it 2-6.

    Thus the very young team won its last match of the fall competition. Congratulations!

    With a goal difference of 36 for and 5 against, PSV O15 finished behind Willem II in second place with 1 point behind. Because Willem II won 3-2 from Sparta in the final minute. It is striking that of the 5 goals against, no less than 4 were scored by a Limburg team.

    These were the league goal scorers:
    Sem 9x / Sekou and Mohamed each 4x / Abou 3x / Yasin, Vince, Arne and Joep each 2x and Davy, Joop, Tijn, Koen, Gregory, Yorbe, Mathijs and Shurandy each 1x.

    Furthermore there was 1 red card for a PSV player and only 4 yellow cards. Where in the first match already that one red card and 2 yellow cards fell.

    Lucas Derks; Gregory Kuisch (45' Joey Verhoeven), Shurandy Sambo, Dennis Vos (36' Mathijs Bel), Jochem van Dijk; Evert Linthorst, Vince Colpaert, Arne Bens (c); Mohamed Ihattaren, Sem van den Broek, Yorbe Vertessen.