December 5, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today was already the last league match of the first half of the season. The opponent was Fortuna Sittard.

    PSV struggled in the beginning of the match to find an opening in the Fortuna Sittard defense. In the seventh minute, PSV had the first chance of the match. The visitors' goalkeeper turned the effort away. One minute later, a PSV shot hit the crossbar. This set the tone and PSV tried to push the visitors further into the defense. Fortuna Sittard, however, easily stayed upright as PSV's pace was too slow. In addition, the opportunities PSV created were poorly rounded. Fortuna Sittard tried to become dangerous with fast breakaways but had no success. Not until the 24th minute did PSV manage to find an opening in the visitors' defense. A through ball from Joost put Jeremy free in front of the goalkeeper. Jeremy rounded the goalkeeper and tapped in the 1-0. Four minutes later Joost managed to shoot a free kick from over 20 meters hard into the top corner, 2-0. In the last five minutes of the first half, the visitors were dangerous twice more through two quick breaks. The first effort was saved by Peter. In the second attack Peter had no chance and the visitors scored, 2-1. This was also the score at halftime.

    PSV started the second half looking for the third goal. However, PSV played sloppy and hardly managed to create any opportunities. Only in the 48th minute Joost was able to score the 3-1 after a combination with Jayden in the far corner. Three minutes later PSV managed to finish off a quickly executed attack effectively after Jayden went through well on the left. He put the ball back to Niek who shot low 4-1. The game was played. In the remaining part of the match there were still some opportunities for PSV but they were not able to keep their sights on the ball. In injury time Joep was brought down in the penalty area. The penalty kick was used by Jayden, 5-1. This was the final score.

    With this victory PSV finished second in this league. First in this league was Feyenoord who won all their matches. PSV will continue in the champion's pool after the winter break.

    Strijbosch, Cox, Matuta La Nkenda Nosa, De Schutter (Tielemans), Van der Burgt (Verschut), N. Munsters, Bora Deyonge, Nassoh (Braaf), Antonisse, Clabbers, J. Munsters.