December 5, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Roda JC U13 is today's guest at the Herdgang for the league match against PSV U13. Again, at the start of the match it is clearly visible that the difference in length and physicality is in Limburg's favor. Do the players of Psv get the right food or is it the way of scouting???? So again a lot of length in the center back and in the front, I think it is the new way of training. But for the PSV players so again a task to show that they control the game of football better and thus need less physicality.
    PSV starts the match well, playing well together, passing the ball around and avoiding the physically stronger opponent. Soon PSV scored a goal, but the referee initially approved the goal, but the linesman thought otherwise and declared the goal offside. In the 9th minute the Roda defense has to pull the emergency brake in the 16 meters to stop Deveron, the well leading referee has no choice so a deserved penalty, this is shot perfectly in by Dylan so PSV has the deserved lead. In the 18th minute it is Dylan who sends Ruben into the corner with a measured ball, Ruben manages to get the ball perfectly in front of Deveron, who in turn manages to neatly run the ball in 2-0.
    In the 28 minute there is a goal that should actually be credited to goalkeeper Kevin, because he knows how to set up the attack perfectly. Kevin opens up to Gioele, who immediately passes to Mylian, who immediately opens up to Ruben, who is free in front of the goal and manages to tap in a controlled manner. It looks like training form. 2 Minutes later it was Ruben again who managed to outsmart the goalkeeper with a nice stick to make it 4-0 at halftime.
    The start of the second half is bad from PSV's point of view, all the good things from the first half are gone, even simply getting rid of the ball is difficult now. In the 33 minute Roda scores from a corner, 4-1, the messy play of PSV lasts for 15 minutes and then PSV starts to recover, with some good football from the first half. After Ruben is held up in the 16, PSV gets another penalty, Dyon guesses that the goalkeeper will choose a corner, but the goalkeeper stands still and takes the ball that Dyon shot through the middle. 2 Minutes later comes the highlight of the day, it is Joey who passes the goalkeeper with an unparalleled stick ball, if there was footage of it it would have been replayed hundreds of times 5-0. After this it is Mylian who also gets to take a penalty kick and bring the final score to 6-0.
    All in all a good match, too bad about the beginning of the 2nd half that they lost it there for a while, but the rest of the match the PSV boys were dominating and certainly doing well.
    Next week the last league game at home against ADO den Haag.