Oct. 5, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Nicolas Verkooijen
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  2. Goal

    Raf van de Riet
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  3. Goal

    Eus Waayers
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  4. Match report

    Win at Varkenoord

    PSV O14 managed to take the three points to Eindhoven last Saturday, with a deserved victory at Feyenoord's beautiful new complex.
    In the first half PSV were lords and masters over the Rotterdammers, with good football and very goal-oriented scoring PSV managed to reach the break with a 0-3 lead. In the second half it was Feyenoord that started to play with much more opportunism and tried to put pressure on the PSV defense. But PSV's defense was rock solid and did not budge. In the latter part of the second half even PSV managed to get dangerous with some quick breakaways, but Feyenoord were unable to get more than a single goal.

    PSV started the first half well and was the dominant side from minute one. In the third minute PSV was already dangerous, but it was Waayers who missed a 100% chance in front of an open goal. Three minutes later a good cross from captain van de Riet was shot low in by Verkooijen. In the sixteenth minute Van de Riet was allowed to take a free kick from the edge of the penalty area. Perfectly low over the ground, through the wall, Van de Riet managed to score. In the 18th minute, central defender Kuhn manages to get the ball over the Feyenoord defense. With a lop Waayers managed to curl the ball in. PSV had a lot of chances today. PSV were able to take a nice lead into the break with a clean sheet. Feyenoord were unable to create anything against a good PSV.

    Apparently it had thundered in the dressing room for the Rotterdammers, because Feyenoord came out of the dressing room very different. With long balls they tried to reach their physically strong striker, but they were not really dangerous with these. But the pressure was on, and PSV did not back down. In the 48th minute Feyenoord did manage to score a goal, through a slide that nobody could get a foot to. PSV slowly got back into the game, with some quick breakaways and even a few more dangerous moments. However, neither side was able to score anymore. PSV took the three points back to Eindhoven.

    All in all, a good game for the Eindhoveners, make the most of your chances and don't give anything away and the three points will come. Next week we have a home game against Vitesse on the schedule.

    Janssen; Jansen, Bos, Kuhn (56/Bakkali), Van de Riet; Quispel, Vermeulen, Verkooijen; Waayers (68/Oesterholt), Van Duiven (47/Bouhoudane), Etienne (50/Bawaah)