Oct. 5, 12:30 p.m.
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    Dylan Hopman
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    Goal-rich draw in Groningen

    After last week's draw against NEC, another draw followed today: 3-3 in and against Groningen. A draw that it did not look like for PSV O17 for a long time.

    After a good start by the Eindhoveners, Milan van de Riet scored, after a brilliant assist from Iggy Houben. It looked like the start of an easy afternoon, but things turned out differently. Gradually the first half brought more pressure from FC Groningen, which resulted in a header and a shot on the post. Still, PSV led 0-1 at halftime.

    After halftime, PSV seemed to double the score, but Iggy Houben just did not have its sights sharp enough after a combination with D'Leanu Arts and Dylan Hopman. Where PSV forgot to make it 0-2, FC Groningen managed to find the goal. Within five minutes it managed to turn the score to 2-1, work to be done for the boys from Eindhoven. Creating chances did not work, unlike FC Groningen. After 71 minutes, the score was even 3-1. About five minutes later Dylan Hopman provided the tying goal. A shot from outside the penalty area was changed direction by an FC Groningen defender, which rendered the goalkeeper hopeless: 3-2. PSV went on the hunt for more. It was not helped by the referee, who made his mark on the match by sending Nawaaz Landfeld off the field with two yellow cards within ten seconds for commenting on the direction.

    Still, PSV did not let up and were rewarded for continuing to work. In the 92nd minute, Mohamed Nassoh turned a free kick into the sixteen and managed to find the free Milan van de Riet who effortlessly scored his second of the afternoon. On the one hand relief, taking a point with one man less, on the other disappointment because there could have been more.

    Next weekend the boys have a week of rest, then Sparta Rotterdam awaits: Saturday, Oct. 19 at noon in Rotterdam.

    Formation PSV
    Aron van Lare; D'Leanu Arts, Nawaaz Landfeld, Jesse Giebels (70/Naïm Matoug), Yael Gil Y Muinos; Livano Comenencia, Mylian Jiminez (52/Mo Nassoh), Dylan Hopman; Iggy Houben (73/Lars Putters), Milan van de Riet, Ilyas Bougafer (58/Ibrahim Berete).