Sept. 5, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Under the guidance of acting coach Tim Wolf, PSV scored heavily against Excelsior in Rotterdam on Saturday. Without the team being hindered by the mediocre opponent, the scoreboard already showed a 0-6 lead at halftime, which increased to double digits in the second half.

    Excelsior was unable to get the PSV attacking drive under control, and could hardly get dangerous in front of the goal of goalkeeper Kyan, who only had to intervene twice in the entire match. The same Kyan was at the base of one of PSV's two goals that deserve special mention, although in fact most of the nicely played goals qualified for that. Yassin's 0-6 was special because it came from a lightning-fast conversion in which the ball entered the Rotterdam 16 over only 3 drives. Kyan picked a cross out of the air during one of Excelsior's rare counter-attacks and threw it straight to Sekou, who was completely free around the center line and in the corner of his eye saw Yasin leaving. Without taking the ball, Sekou immediately sent Yasin alone towards the Rotterdam goal, who finished in a controlled manner.

    The 10th goal of the match was no longer significant but because of the beauty of both the goal and the preceding assist no less special. In injury time striker Sem took the ball well and sent Sekou with a subtle ball between two defenders into the penalty area. He completely surprised the goalkeeper with a difficult but great stick ball from that distance, making it 10 in injury time.

    Finally, the discussion about whose credit the 0-1, which goal was claimed by several players, was decided by the accounting of the referee, who noted that the free kick from which the 0-1 was scored, taken by number 8, went directly into the Excelsior goal and was not touched by another player. The goal thus came to Davy's name.

    With the full win from 2 games and a goal difference of +11, the O16 is doing fine so far. Next week the team will play the home game against Roda JC.

    '07 0-1 Davy van den Berg
    '18 0-2 Sekou Sedibe
    '20 0-3 Sem van den Broek
    '24 0-4 Sekou Sedibe
    '26 0-5 Tijn Daverveld
    '36 0-6 Yasin Aalillou
    '60 0-7 Sekou Sedibe
    '62 0-8 Arne Bens
    '75 0-9 Sem van den Broek
    '80+ 0-10 Sekou Sidibe

    Kyan van Dorp; Rico Zeegers - Tijn Daverveld - Elgero King - Gregory Kuisch ('60 Bryan van Hove); Vince Colpaert - Evert Linthorst ('63 Joop Daniels) - Davy van den Berg ('51 Arne Bens); Sekou Sidibe © - Sem van den Broek - Yasin Aalillou.

    On the bench not substituted: Lucas Derks.
    Yellow card: Yasin Aalillou.