October 3, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    PSV started the match strongly and forced MVV back from the start. PSV's first chance in the seventh minute went wide. Three minutes later, PSV did take the lead. A cross from the left initially went past everyone. Mohamed intercepted the ball, played it wide and it was Djurre who shot the 1-0. Two minutes later a free kick by Ian was tapped in by Joost, 2-0. PSV therefore had a comfortable lead early in the match and continued unabated. In the 18th minute, an attack through Ian and Jayden was effectively completed by Mohamed, 3-0. PSV was clearly the superior side. The visitors tried to become dangerous with sporadic breakdowns but Robin did not really have to intervene. In the last five minutes before halftime, PSV managed to score two more goals. In the 32nd minute, a PSV attack via Joost and Mohamed went through MVV's center. It was finally Jayden who scored the 4-0. In the last minute before halftime, it was Joost who fired a free kick from 20 meters into the short corner, 5-0.

    PSV already had the ball against the ropes five minutes after halftime. Jayden came alone in front of the goalie and shot the 6-0. After this goal PSV did not play as well. There was too much running with the ball and wrong choices were made. Although PSV played less football than in the first half, the visitors could not take advantage of this. PSV retained field advantage without really becoming dangerous. Only in the 63rd minute did PSV manage to score again. It was Niek who passed the MVV goalkeeper with a well-aimed arch in the far corner, 7-0. One minute before time Ian shot the ball in and put the final score of 8-0 on the scoreboard.

    Verhoeven, Cox, Lonwijk (Matuta La Nkenda Nosa), Maatsen, Van der Burgt (Clabbers), De Schutter, N. Munsters, Verschut, Braaf, Nassoh, J. Munsters (Doudah).