October 3, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After 5 wins in a row, PSV lost their first league game of the season against number 2 Feyenoord on Saturday. At the football-breathing Varkenoord, Feyenoord took the upper hand in a particularly enthralling game in the second half, although a draw would have reflected the proportions a little better. Despite the loss and grumpy faces, it was a very instructive game in which PSV sold their side dearly, so the coach told the players to leave the locker room with their heads held high.

    Despite the points difference assuming the teams were equal, the coach insisted beforehand that the match would be decided by details and moments. In hindsight, nothing could be further from the truth, and the 1st half, in which the game undulated up and down, PSV could blame themselves in that regard. While Feyenoord only really got close to Kyan's goal once in the first half and did not create any real chances, PSV had a number of moments where they should have put Feyenoord behind. Even before Joop shot the 0-1, which was disallowed because he was in the path of a shot, took the ball and then shot himself into the left corner, Sekou had the opportunity to open the scoring. With the ball at foot, he entered the penalty area on the right and saw that the Feyenoord goalkeeper was well in front of the line as he expected the ball to be put back. The goalkeeper could only just recover and tap Sekou's effort wide at the first post. The biggest chance of the first half, however, was for Joop, who on the stroke of half-time was allowed to go at speed down the right-hand side of the pitch with the ball at his feet alone, but probably startled by the freedom he was given, he hastily shot wide left.

    The fact that moments and details would decide the game became apparent soon after in the 2nd half. Less than five minutes after the break, PSV went behind in a most unfortunate way. A deep ball from Feyenoord reached the penalty area, where Abou wanted to head the ball back to Kyan, who ran out of his goal. Due to the miscommunication the ball went over the keeper and a smart Feyenoord player worked it over the line, although the referee was the only one to see it as an own goal by Abou, 1-0. A particularly ugly moment, not only because of the way it happened but also just after halftime. The important thing was how the team would react mentally to that blow, as it was the first real setback this season. However, PSV showed remarkable resilience and managed to translate that into the equalizer after only 5 minutes. The slumped Joop got possession of the ball on his own half and saw Sekou heading down the right. With a great pass, Joop sent Sekou at speed towards the Feyenoord goal, and after Sekou shook off another defender, he fired a controlled shot into the long corner, 1-1.

    With the score tied and two teams evenly matched, an entertaining half hour could be expected. That expectation was quickly dashed, however, when 10 minutes later the referee called off a fine tackle on the ball by Abou, in which his opponent simply tripped over the ball, gave Abou yellow and awarded a penalty to Feyenoord. It would have been justice if Kyan had stopped the penalty kick, but although the goalkeeper was well placed, the ball went through his body into the goal, 2-1. The 2nd tick for the team, but again PSV gave in. In the last 20 minutes, PSV played full on the attack, changing tackles, and putting Feyenoord under pressure. And although this made the closing stages exciting and entertaining, Feyenoord held firm and PSV failed to score.

    All in all, a game that had everything in it and in which PSV did lose for the 1st time this season, but which was more instructive than winning a game 10-0. By the way, PSV is 1st on the league table with 3 points ahead of number 2, Feyenoord. Next week, PSV plays at home against Sparta.

    Kyan van Dorp; Rico Zeegers - Tijn Daverveld - Abou Kone - Gregory Kuisch; Evert Linthorst ('73 Arne Bens) - Mathijs Bel - Vince Colpaert; Sekou Sidibe © - Joop Daniëls - Yasin Aallilou.

    On the bench not substituted: Lucas Derks, Bryan van Hove, Davy van den Berg, Koen Oostenbrink.
    Yellow card: Mathijs Bel, Abou Kone.