Nov. 2, 11:30 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Joep Willems
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  2. Goal

    Isaï Middag
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  3. Goal

    Gino Verhulst
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  4. Match report

    PSV O13 wins after rain of goals in Groningen

    After an earlier 11-0 win, PSV also won its second match against FC Groningen. In a veritable feast of goals, the Eindhoven players won 3-6.

    The match had barely begun when PSV was already facing an arrears. A deep ball from FC Groningen was not handled well, after which a defender of the Eindhoveners unfortunate tapped the ball behind his own goalkeeper. PSV did not get upset and soon equalized. With a fantastic pass, Abdullah Hekmat reached the quick Joep Willems. The outside player escaped the attention of the Groningen defense and poked the ball under the goalkeeper. Halfway through the first half, PSV also took the lead: Isaï Middag received the ball in the penalty area, cleared himself well and outsmarted the goalkeeper with a rebounding shot. PSV remained the better side and had a number of excellent chances. A lob from Isaï Middag landed just wide of the goal, Benjamin Khaderi tested the Groningen goalkeeper with a hard shot and the subsequent rebound almost fell to Gino Verhulst. At the other end, Groningen was also dangerous, but an effort from distance hit the crossbar. Just before half time, PSV seemed to decide the game with a third goal. Yalen Meulendijks put through strongly on the right flank and put the ball back to Gino Verhulst. The striker got well in front of his opponent and put the 1-3 halftime score on the scoreboard.

    After tea, PSV continued what it had finished the first game with: scoring a goal. Dichano Bulo raced past his opponent and hit a fine cross at the far post, which Joep Willems tapped in. PSV could not enjoy this goal for long, as Groningen scored in the same minute. A long ball was again not well judged by the PSV defense, after which the striker of FC Groningen was free to go for goal. Eye-to-eye with PSV goalkeeper Lucca Kiaba he did not fail. Yet the Eindhoven players were not deterred by this goal and continued to hunt for chances. Boet Mulders had a huge opportunity and an effort from Benjamin Khaderi ended just over the crossbar. Moments later the team was successful when Joep Willems was sent deep. The striker was not selfish and put the ball wide to Isaï Middag, who easily tapped in. After Groningen came back to 3-5, again the striker of Groningen got free passage to the goal, Isaï Middag completed his hat trick. Pieter van der Beek passed his opponent on the back line and laid back, after which the midfielder put his third goal on the board in injury time. So a simple, but also instructive victory for the Eindhoveners.

    The team recovered well from an early deficit and played their way to many chances, but also gave them away very easily at the other end. Next week, PSV O13 can look to improve on this, when AZ comes to visit.

    Lucca Kiaba; Yalen Meulendijks, Steyn Mussche (48/Abdullah Hekmat), Abdullah Hekmat (35/Jari Horsten), Rens Boon; Benjamin Khaderi, Isaï Middag, Pieter van der Beek (35/Boet Mulders); Joep Willems (52/Pieter van der Beek), Gino Verhulst (52/Raf Vullers), Raf Vullers (35/Dichano Bulo).