PSV+ Sports

Clear your mind, recharge batteries and get through the week feeling fit. All this can be realised by taking part in training sessions at the best venues in Eindhoven, the Philips Stadion and Philips de Jongh Park. (Former-) participants of PSV+ 12 weeks and PSV+ Next can sign up for one of the three weekly training sessions of PSV+ Sports: Stadion Bootcamp, Running and Powerwalk. 

Stadion Bootcamp
You will work in groups on your condition and get in shape in easily accessible training sessions in the Philips Stadion.

You will do, among other exercises, high intensity interval and circuit training as well as strength and conditioning exercise at Stadion Bootcamp. We will make use of places in and around the stadium, including the stands and PSV’s dressing room.

Weekly training sessions
The training sessions are suitable for persons 18 years of age and older. The level of individual persons will obviously be taken into account.

Date and time: every Monday from 19.00 to 20.00 & every Wednesday from 19.00 to 20.00.
Location: Philips Stadion, report at entrance 8

Besides running techniques, strength training for runners, breathing techniques and interval training, the training sessions of Running aim at health-conscious running.

Health-conscious running
The aim of health-conscious running is not to break records but to learn how to relax and enjoy running. Learn how listen to your body and accept your physical limitations. No longer does running cause stress; it is a physical activity that you will enjoy.

The correct running and breathing techniques are essential for injury preventions and feelings of stress. At Running, we pay extensive attention to this, so that you will spend less energy, feel less physical stress and can breathe in less deeply through your nose.

Date and time: every Monday from 18.00 to 19.00
Location: Philips de Jongh Park, parkeerplek Bezuidenhoudseweg

Power walking
Want to improve your health and become fitter? Get to work with Power walking: go outside for a walk and breathe fresh air.

Perfect workout
Many physicians and fitness experts consider Power Walking as the perfect workout, because everyone can do it. It does not cause any strain to the joints and injuries caused by Power Walking are very rare. With its pronounced arm movements and brisk, wide footsteps many muscles are active at the same time. The heart rate will go up and will improve your cardiovascular endurance, so that you become fitter.

Dag en tijd: elke dinsdag van 17.30 tot 18.30 uur
Locatie: Philips Stadion

Costs of PSV+ Sports
In order to take part in one or more lessons of PSV+ Sport, you have the choice of several memberships. You can decide yourself when to take part and what lessons to follow. All lessons are accessible, regardless of the level.

3 months of doing sports, once a week: € 90,00
3 months of doing sports, twice a week: € 160,00
6 months of doing sports, once a week: € 160,00
6 months of doing sports, twice a week: € 300,00

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