PSV+ 12 weeks

PSV+ 12 weeks is the ideal lifestyle programme, launched in particular for employees of companies. The programme inspires participants to bring about positive and lasting changes to their lifestyle and personal goals.

Awareness of your current lifestyle, mindset, improving your quality of movement, nutrition and relaxation are key concepts.

Theory and practice
You and your colleagues will focus on eating healthier, sitting less and moving more and be more relaxed during your daily activities. The programme consists of twelve sessions in the Philips Stadion which combines theory with practice. Each participant receives a PSV+ training shirt, a movement monitor and a practical workbook to achieve your goals.

PSV+ 12 weeks in stats
900 participants a season
423 meetings a season
How do participants rate the programme
Richard Arts: ‘I’ve lost 14 kg, thanks to PSV+, and started to live a healthier life. And I finally quit smoking.’
Silke Snijder: ‘I’ve become more aware of the lack of movement on working days’
Jeroen Gabriels: ‘I’ve learnt the benefits of climbing the stairs and taking a walk during lunchtime several times a week’c
Michael van Helvoort: ‘PSV+ has greatly contributed to my happiness and well-being. I’m glad that I’ve found pleasure of doing sports again.

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