Efforts to pay attention to vitality bear fruit. Not only on an individual but also at an organizational scale, as energetic employees will be more successful, innovative and resilient. That’s why PSV and Brainport Eindhoven partners have developed a lifestyle programme to help employees become aware of their daily patterns, movement and nutrition.

PSV+ consists of various parts: 12 weeks and Sports.

PSV+ 12 weeks
PSV+ 12 weeks is the ideal lifestyle programme, launched in particular for employees of companies. The programme inspires participants to bring about positive and lasting changes to their lifestyle and personal goals. Awareness of your current lifestyle, mindset, improving your quality of movement, nutrition and relaxation are key concepts.

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PSV+ Sports
Clear your mind, recharge batteries and get through the week feeling fit. All this can be realised by taking part in training session at the best venue in Eindhoven: the Philips Stadion. Participants of PSV+ 12 weeks sign up for Stadion Bootcamp. 

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