Philips | Proud founder of PSV

“Legendary football players manage to raise their game through innovative skills. We would also like to make the world a better place with our innovations. There is a deep-rooted connection between Philips and PSV. Not only because of the longest running partnership in the world, but also because we share the challenge to always make the next step. Keep on innovating to bring out the best in each other”, says Philips CEO Frans van Houten.

PSV and Philips: a unique partnership
PSV was founded on 31 August 1913 and a century later PSV and Philips celebrated together a 100-year-old legendary football history. Together, because of the strong ties between the football club and the company. The club’s current foundation was laid in 1911, by a group of Philips employees, to offer the employees a healthy outlet. Five-year-old Frits Philips kicked off the debut match in the Philips Stadion, which is still in the same place. Two years later, the Philips Sport Vereeniging (PSV) PSV was officially founded in the heart of the Philips village in Eindhoven. The club quickly attracted many new members and one of the eight employees played football with PSV in 1920. People without Philips connections were also welcome since 1928 and PSV became a big club that clinched a great many league titles, won prizes in European competitions and lifted the KNVB Cup several times. A connection to be justifiably proud of.

Innovation and you
The world has changed over the past decades, but the vision of that time is still standing tall. Just like Philips looked to improved their employees’ physical and mental well-being by offering them sport and games, they still want to employ their innovations to help people worldwide to bring out the best in each other. At Philips, they think it is important for people to be healthy and happy and get an opportunity to enjoy their lives. We respond to specific needs and wishes by innovation. By listening to our customers, by the development of innovations that dare to take a step further and by always keeping promises, Philips looks to realise all this. That’s why people feel that they mean what they say. Philips does not just innovate for innovation’s sake, they innovate because they sincerely want to improve people’s well-being. They innovate for you.