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PSV likes to maintain personal contacts. You can reach us through the telephone number below or ask for a callback request through the contact form.

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New Business

Interested in finding out what business opportunities suit your company best? Our New Business team would like to come and see you to discuss possibilities. We will find out together which opportunities suit your company best, if you are e.g. looking for a business seat or sponsorship.

Nick de Graaf
Manager New Business
International & National
+31 (0)6 51066065

Sander Jacobs
Senior Business Developer
+31 (0)6 12467783

Rolf van Dijk
Business Developer
+31 (0)6 83794116

Partnerships and sponsoring

Sponsoring PSV or a partnership with PSV offers your company the opportunity to associate with the brand of PSV across the entire scope and with the accompanying resources. We would like to think along with you, whether it be a small or a big sponsor.

Koen van Haastert
Manager Marketing,
Media & Partnerships
+31 (0)6 82131867

Mariska Elfrink
Manager Business Club, Hospitality & Events
+31 (0)6 22242696

Pim Broere
Senior Accountmanager Partnerships
+31 (0)6 13553790

Michael Meuleners
Senior Accountmanager Partnerships
+31 (0)6 82690441

Johnny de Vries
Senior Accountmanager Partnerships
+31 (0)6 82952324

Rosan van Roosmalen
Accountmanager Partnerships
+31 (0)6 12958780

Ricardo Ramaekers
Accountmanager Partnerships
+31 (0)6 12712789

Felice van Duijnhoven
Accountmanager Partnerships
+31 (0)6 82001846

Nina de Rooij
Coördinator PSV Vitality
+31 (0)6 82045084

Business Support

Have you got any questions or would you like to receive more information about PSV Business? Please, get in touch with our Business Support team through or 040-2505531.

Frank Jacquot
Coördinator PSV Business Support
+31 (0)6 83809415

Tanja Beukers
PSV Business Support
+31 (0)6 82990342