Frequently asked questions

PSV Stadiontour © Christ Clijsen

Can I take part in a PSV Stadium Tour?

Yes, you can!

What, exactly, is a PSV Stadium Tour?

A Stadium Tour means a guided tour of the Philips Stadion, which also includes admission to the PSV Museum. During such a tour an experienced host will fully inform you on the ins and outs of the Philips Stadion. It will take you behind the scenes, giving you access to areas normally reserved for players and officials, including the post-match conference area and the executive boxes and hospitality seats. One of the highlights of the guided tour will undoubtedly be a journey to the players´ entrance, to the dressing rooms and through the tunnel to the pitch. All tours include entry to the PSV Museum.

Is there a guided tour service?

PSV offers two Stadium Tours: for a group less than fifteen people and for a group of more than fifteen people. Groups of a minimum of fifteen people have their own guide, while groups of more than 35 person have several guides. Groups of less than fifteen people and individual guests may be asked to join another group. All tours include entry to the, which you can explore at your own pace.\

How long does a PSV Stadium Tour last?

A PSV Stadium Tour will last approximately one hour. Then you can explore the at your own pace.

Do you need to book a PSV Stadium Tour in advance?

Yes, we advise you to make a reservation to be sure of tickets.

What are the admission prices of a PSV Stadium Tour?

A PSV Stadium Tour, including a visit to the museum, souvenir and drink at Caffee 1913 is € 16,50 for an adult and € 14,50 for children aged 4 to 12. Admission free for children aged 0 to 3. Groups of more than fifteen people also pay € 14,50 per person.

At what time does the PSV Stadium Tour depart?

The PSV Stadium Tour departs every day, Monday up to and including Saturday at 1pm and on Wednesdays and Saturdays also at 2.30pm, with the exception of European match days and the day prior to that game.

How can I book a PSV Stadium Tour?

Click here to make a reservation for a PSV Stadium Tour. On receipt, we will deal with your request and you will receive a reply within a number of working days.

How far in advance of visiting do I need to reserve tickets for the PSV Stadium Tour?

We advise groups of a minimum of fifteen people to reserve a ticket for a PSV Stadium Tour one or two weeks ahead of the planned visit. If you want to join a PSV Stadium Tour, please consult the reservation system.

Do I get a booking conformation for a PSV Stadium Tour?

When you make a reservation we will send a confirmation e-mail as soon as possible.

How can I pay for a PSV Stadium Tour?

You must pay for admission prior to the PSV Stadium Tour either cash or pay with a cash card.

How can I get more information about a PSV Stadium Tour?

Call the PSV for more information on 0031 40 2 505 505, option 5. Or you could send an e-mail to

What are the terms and conditions for a PSV Stadium Tour?

You will agree with the terms and conditions applicable to a PSV Stadium Tour. If for any reason you find that your group is no longer able to visit, please cancel your reservation in writing at the latest two working days ahead of your scheduled visit. There will be a 50% fee of the admission price for all cancellations made within two working days ahead of your scheduled visit- The PSV Stadium Tour may deviate from the normal route when a particular place has been let for the time being.