Philips Stadion
The Philips Stadium is the PSV home base. The beautiful, up-to-date stadium is in the city centre of Eindhoven, still at exactly the same place where the PSV sports grounds were established when PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging) was founded in 1913. The Philips Stadium is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful football stadiums in Holland, because of the stands that are close to the pitch, the excellent lighting installation, the outstanding pitch and the fine facilities for the media and business relations. The stadium can accommodate 35,000 people on match days. All seats are covered and heated.

Layered frames

The Philips Stadium was renovated some years ago and the stands in the corners of the stadium were completed. The outside has been covered with layered frames that are covered during matches or other events, so that the crowds are not troubled by wind or rain. When no match is going on, the layered frames are opened, so that the wind transports air full of oxygen, which is beneficial for the growth of the grass.

Facilities for every target group

There is a Family Corner, reserved for children up to twelve years and their parents. Besides there is a special stand for youngsters up to sixteen years. Some special sections of the stands are the exclusive domain of people that create a good atmosphere. The stadium obviously also offers excellent facilities for disabled people and semi-invalid people. There are also excellent facilities in the Philips Stadium for representatives of trade and industry on match days. Sponsors receive their visitors in the Board Room, where there are thirteen Hospitality Lounges. The stadium has four Business Suites, 46 Business Rooms and 1186 Business Seats for business relations.

More than football

The Philips Stadium is not only a football stadium, but it is also multi-functional and all kinds of congress- and party facilities are available. There are two restaurants: Avant-Garde, the top class restaurant in the Philips Stadium (awarded with entry in the Michelin Guide) and De Verlenging, the bar serving food. Several companies have chosen the Philips Stadium as the perfect setting for their offices or shops. And of course fans can buy PSV-related articles from a wide range of nice souvenirs in the PSV FANstore.


The stadium is not only a centre of activity on match days only; there are a great many other meetings throughout the year. Whether you would like to organize a meeting, a congress, a class or a seminar, a snappy product presentation or a party, the stadium is the most beautiful place in Eindhoven and a host of rooms provide a lovely view of the pitch.

Philips Stadium Philips Stadium Philips Stadium
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