'Phillip Cocu respects FC Barcelona'

09 mei 2003 09:00
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Phillip Cocu has intimated that he will delay taking a decision about his future as a professional football player until after the elections at his club Barcelona. The midfielder has made this statement on the club's official website.

The contract that Phillip Cocu has with FC Barcelona expires at the end of this season. "I?ve had some good years here at the club; all I want now is clarity. I have a healthy respect for the club and that?s why I?ve decided to wait until 15 June in order to listen to what the new president has got to tell me. In other words, I don?t say I?m going to extend my contract here, but I haven?t said anything about leaving either. We?ll just have to wait and see", explained Cocu on FCBarcelona.com

Phillip Cocu has indicated that European football is both important for him and FC Barcelona, but is not the decisive and crucial factor for his final choice.


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