PSV celebrates 99th anniversary

31 augustus 2012 13:00
PSV (=De Philips Sport Vereniging) celebrates its 99th anniversary today. Congratulations to all our foreign fans! Centennial celebrations will start on 31 August 2013.

The first and current PSV logo. The first and current PSV logo.

Founded on August 31st 1913

The Eindhoven Football Club PSV was founded on August 31st 1913, at the end of a big Philips sports party marking the 100th anniversary of Dutch independence. PSV´s home stadium, the Philips Stadion, then known as Philips Sportpark, was built at the same time as the inauguration of the club. The club started as a Philips factory team and competed for Dutch league football from 1914 onwards.


In the space of ten years, PSV was promoted to the First Division and since 1924 they have always been a top-flight team. Ever since 1974, PSV has competed in European competitions, for 38 years in a row. PSV won the Dutch title in professional football for the first time in 1963, after having won championships three times before. All together PSV clinched twenty-one Dutch titles, while the Dutch cup as well as the Dutch Super Cup was lifted nine times. PSV won the European Cup I in 1988 against Benfica, making them the second Dutch club to win The Treble, and the UEFA Cup in 1978 against SC Bastia. This year’s anniversary will be celebrated in quietness but there will be roaring centennial parties for all supporters in 2013.


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