Call for Spanish football clubs to comply

11 juli 2012 11:15
Some Spanish football clubs like Sevilla Football Club SAD, are ignoring contracts and International rules of good behavior. We request the Spanish Football Association and the Spanish clubs, who do comply to decent behavior, to convince other clubs to change these attitudes.


Sevilla FC refusing to pay and refusing mediation

“It has been already extremely strange that Spanish clubs can continue to buy players and pay high salaries whilst not paying their creditors because of an administrative Spanish bankruptcy (‘concurso’)”, said PSV Chief Executive Officer Mr. J. Sanders. Today Sevilla FC has added a new Spanish episode by simply refusing to pay a contractual obligation and also refusing mediation from the ECA (European Club Association). The procedures with the FIFA to settle disputes are lengthy and it looks as if some Spanish clubs, like Sevilla FC, are misusing the extra time to spend their money differently and maybe a future administrative bankruptcy protects them from paying the bills.


Contractual obligation about Arouna Koné

In this case Sevilla FC should pay PSV € 2.000,000.-, because of a contractual obligation about Arouna Koné, dated August 29th, 2007, which reads; “In case the player is transferred to a third club or upon termination of his contract (for whatever reason) Sevilla FC will always pay € 2,000.000.- to PSV ….….”. There can be no multi-interpretation of this clause, Sevilla Football Club SAD should simply pay. CEO Mr. Sanders: “We urge the FIFA, UEFA, ECA, but especially the Spanish football environment to start working on the improvement of the reputation of Spanish clubs. The first step is to fulfill contractual obligations.”


PSV Partners